Program Manager, Xbox

Senior Technical and Gameplay Designer, Studio Wildcard

General Manager, Wargaming

Social Media Manager and Game Evangelist, Big Fish Games

Senior VP of Game Development, Virtually Live

Composer for Film, Video games and TV

Technical Director, Wargaming

Founder and CEO, Archive Entertainment

Community Manager, VREAL

Game Director, Carbon Games

Managing Partner, tinyBuild Games

Global Director of Evangelism, Unity

CEO, Hyper RPG

Community Manage, Hyper RPG

Executive Producer, Pro Battle League

Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer

Studio Audio Director, PopCap Games

Animation Lead, Hidden Path Entertainment

  • kimmich
    CEO, Software Illuminati LLC

    Jon Kimmich  started his 16+ year career in the digital entertainment industry started as Product Planner for Microsoft Games Studios during pivotal parts of the Xbox conception and launch. Jon was instrumental in the acquisition of many well franchises for Microsoft Games Studios including company acquisitions such as Bungie Studios, FASA Interactive, and Digital Anvil, and hit game acquisitions including Dungeon Siege by Gas Powered Games, Rise of Nations from Big Huge Games, and MechAssault by Day 1 Studios as well as many internally developed games such as Crimson Skies, MechWarrior 4: Vengeance, Brute Force and Halo. Also during his tenure at Microsoft he help create the first “Home of the Future” and the first Microsoft “Natural” Keyboard.

    Since 2009, as Principal of Software Illuminati Consulting, Jon has been an investor, consultant and advisor to startups, accelerators and governmental organizations as well as established multinationals in the mobile and game sectors, and during his career has led or participated in the purchase or sale of over half a dozen companies in these sectors, with an aggregate transaction value > $100m. Jon serves as an Adjunct Professor at Digipen University teaching Product Management and is also editor of the acclaimed book “The Crowdfunding Bible”.

  • edery
    CEO, Spry Fox

    David Edery is the CEO of Spry Fox, the studio behind titles such as Triple Town, Alphabear, Bushido Bear Steambirds, Realm of the Mad God and Road Not Taken. Previously, David was worldwide games portfolio manager for Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE service, where he was responsible for content strategy and selecting the games that would be accepted for distribution by the LIVE service. David co-authored, “Changing the Game: How Video Games are Transforming the Future of Business” a book that explores the ways that games can be leveraged by businesses for serious purposes.

  • gittins
    Creative Director and CEO, Stumbling Cat

    Renee is a multi-disciplinary leader with expertise in software engineering and creative direction. She is the CEO of Stumbling Cat, creator of Potions: A Curious Tale. She led engineering and server development at Fixer Studios, and designed and developed cognitive evaluation mini-games and health management systems for X2 Biosystems.

    Renee is a passionate advocate and connector for developers and diversity in the game industry. Renee organizes game-jams, panels, job fairs and other developer events as a board member of IGDA Seattle, contributes to Broken Joysticks, and actively mentors game development students at Foundry10.

  • kelly
    Director of Developer Relations, VREAL

    Tadhg Kelly is a game designer, writer and speaker based in Seattle. Originally from Dublin via London, Tadhg’s 17 year industry career has encompassed many roles, from startup founder, consultant, creative director and now director of developer relations at VREAL. Tadhg has been frequently published at Gamasutra, TechCrunch and Edge, and is also the author of the game design blog What Games Are. He is currently working on a book, Core Game Design.

  • hodges
    Attorney, Foster Pepper PLLC

    Ben is a registered patent attorney and focuses on IP Litigation. His experience includes managing complex civil litigation cases, including patent, trademark and trade dress, copyright and breach of contract cases. Ben will help developers and studios understand to prioritize the different IP and share the stories about how situations can go awry when content creators do not properly create their IP, protect their IP, or enforce their IP.

  • dorrance
    Assistant Managing Counsel, Electronic Arts, Inc.

    Meredith Dorrance has over 20 years as an intellectual property licensing and transactional attorney. Currently, she is Assistant Managing Counsel at PopCap Games, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts. Primarily, she provides legal and regulatory guidance to the Studio teams that develop and publish mobile games. She also drafts and negotiates third party content and strategic partnership agreements with EA’s largest publishers. Before joining PopCap, she was in-house counsel at HTC America and Microsoft. She earned her B.A. from Tufts University, magna cum laude and her J.D. from Boston University School of Law.

  • lin
    General Counsel, NCSoft West

    Janet Kim Lin is General Counsel for NCSOFT’s NC West division and manages all legal affairs for the United States and Europe, including three production studios. NCSOFT is a Korea-based, global MMO video game developer and publisher with successful franchises such as Lineage, Aion, Guild Wars, WildStar, and Blade and Soul. She is based in Bellevue, Washington where she oversees all legal operations in the West and advises C-level executives on corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, litigation management, employment matters, international tax issues, brand protection, sales and distribution, licensing, privacy and data protection, and internal procurement. Janet also serves as an outside Director for Hidden Path Entertainment, Inc., a Bellevue, Washington game development studio. Previous to NCSOFT, Janet was with the international law firm K&L Gates in its Seattle office where her practice focused on intellectual property transactions for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including telecom, online retail, and manufacturing. Janet received her LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law & Policy from the University of Washington, her J.D. and M.B.A. from Boston University, and her B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington. Janet is licensed in California and Washington.

  • perng
    Associate, Foster Pepper PLLC

    Yan is a business and intellectual property attorney. Her primary practice includes a broad range of transactional business services to both emerging and established companies. As part of the firm’s Media, Entertainment, and Gaming industry group, she advises eSports and other video game clients. When she’s not working, she’s diligently conducting “market research” (i.e., completing her Hearthstone quests or watching a 100 in 10 arena challenge).

  • taylor
    Qualitative Sociologist and Professor, MIT

    T.L. specializes in researching the culture of gaming and online communities.  Her first book, Between Worlds (MIT Press, 2006) focused on the massively multiplayer online game EverQuest and explored the social aspects of play, gender, and the creative practices of players (including intellectual property implications).

    T.L.’s second book, Raising the Stakes (MIT Press, 2012), examined professional computer gaming. She visited the World Cyber Games, as well as a number of other tournaments and did interviews with a variety of participants in professional competitive gaming. T.L. is currently working on a new book, which centers on in-game live streaming, and she is excited to share that data, for the first time, with us at the Power of Play.

    T.L. is also known for her initiative to support and grow inclusivity in eSports.  AnyKey, a new partnership between ESL and Intel, is an advocacy organization dedicated to supporting diverse participation in eSports and fostering positive opportunities for all competitive players.

  • wayne
    Lead Community Manager, Twitch

    Erin started her career in gaming as a personality/content creator in 2012. You can continue to find her on many platforms, from the Disney Channel to Verizon to Twitch. Many people’s favorite girl minecrafter and voted most hilarious Sims player, Erin is a multifaceted, successful gamer and streamer. Erin will share insights and practical advice on which what types of games lend themselves easily to streaming success and how broadcasters can play a pivotal role in marketing your games.

  • qian
    Head of Business Operations, Twitch

    Jenny will speak to the business partnerships and opportunities at Twitch and how she supports developers with promotion, game design, broadcaster relations, and other creative and strategic initiatives to reach out to brands and consumers. With massive viewership numbers at Twitch, Jenny can help businesses and developers navigate within that ecosystem and find success.

  • kim
    Co-Head of Business Development, Mobcrush

    Mobile is anywhere, anytime – and Mobcrush lets mobile gamers broadcast, watch and talk about mobile games as they stream them in real time. Koh will share her valuable insights on how indie developer can easily and quickly add streaming to their marketing strategy for free. Prior to joining the mobile video streaming company Mobcrush, Koh was part of the Google Play Games Business Development team where she concentrated on international market expansion, industry influencers and game startup outreach. In 2013, she started the Play business development team in Korea and helped expand Play’s business in Asia. As a hardcore gamer, she works with game developers to create best user experiences, build player communities, and launch sustainable businesses.

  • konsmo
    Co-Founder, Professional Battle League

    Competitive gaming has always been a passion of Kyle’s. For more than 10 years, he has been managing groups of players for competitive gaming events. Like many, Kyle’s first events were Halo LAN parties at the homes of friends and family. After planning and studying to have a “safe” career, when the opportunity came to him, he threw that all aside to pursue eSports. While his education and experience were not what would be traditionally thought of as necessary to pursue a career in the gaming industry, they were perfect for helping to create the unique regional dynamic of the Professional Battle League (PBL). With PBL, Kyle has developed and implemented a strategy to bring regionally based eSports to local fans across the United States in partnership the Microsoft Stores. He manages a team of leaders specialized in community building, event management and broadcast production that are forming regional eSports organizations from the ground up. When there is a break in the action, you can usually find him at the bar with the most Belgians on tap.

  • berry
    Data Scientist, Facebook

    Nick, a native of the UK, has lived in Seattle for the last 20 years. He was educated as a rocket scientist and aircraft designer, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

    Upon graduation, he joined a group of friends to form a software company, specializing in electronic mapping and route planning. This company was grown organically, and earned an unprecedented number of awards and accolades, including the British Design Award and The Queen’s Award for Technology, presented by Her Majesty in 1991. In 1994 Nick was recognized by the Sunday Times Magazine as “One of the top 50 entrepreneurs of the decade”. In 1994, after the company had grown to 50 people worldwide, it was sold to Microsoft.

    Nick moved to America with the sale and spent 14 years working for Microsoft, the last ten of which were in the Microsoft Casual Game team. During his tenure, he filed a variety of patents for Microsoft, and represented Microsoft at various conferences and speaking engagements.

    After leaving Microsoft, he joined Real Networks to work as the GM of customer analytics for their games division, then spent a couple of years consulting. In 2012, Nick joined Facebook, as a Data Scientist, and now proudly works out of their office in Seattle.

    In addition to his engineering expertise, Nick is passionate about data privacy and holds a CIPP qualification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He is an active member of the privacy community and speaks at various events about the legal and ethical aspects of data collection, use, storage, and destruction.

    In his spare time, Nick is an active blogger about data science, gaming, and general geekery (“One of the top 25 Data Science blogs on the internet”) with his postings being regularly republished in places like HackerNews, Popular Science, NPR, BBC and Yahoo News. Nick speaks regularly at gaming conferences such as PAX, GDC and Casual Connect (where he also acts as a judge for the indie games competitions).

    In July 2013, Nick gave a TEDx talk about Passwords and the Internet and in 2015 was voted the GeekWire, “Geek-of-the-week”

  • brunk
    Experience Director – Augmented and Virtual Reality, Vectorform

    James is an award-winning Creative Director with more than 15 years of strategic interactive experience.  He uses his creative vision, storytelling, and User Experience to help lead and grow the Vectorform Augmented and Virtual reality teams in creating revolutionary work for clients. He managed creative efforts for household names such as HTC, Valve, Coca-Cola, Audi, Nike, Chevrolet, Disney, and HBO. His teams are well known for dreaming and developing immersive solutions that shape an overall digital brand experience.

  • king
    Member, Foster Pepper PLLC

    Lauren advises clients regarding virtual currency laws, proper terms of use/privacy policies, and End User License Agreements and has experience drafting and negotiating a variety of different gaming-related agreements, including publishing, cross-marketing, distribution, localization, porting, QA, customer service, and game development agreements. Lauren has also negotiated several international gaming contracts. She has also represented clients in disputes pertaining to trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property rights, and advising clients with respect to privacy and data security obligations under federal law and applicable state security, privacy, and breach notification laws.

  • detwiller
    Game Designer, Monte Cook Games

    Dennis Detwiller is an author, artist and video game designer (he also makes a mean French Toast). Since 1992, his books, card games and video games have entertained over 40 million people in 11 languages, spanning such global hits like Magic: The Gathering, the PROTOTYPE series for Activision, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nickelodeon, NECROPOLIS for Namco/Bandai, as well as tabletop RPGs such as Delta Green, GODLIKE, and Wild Talents. His pen and paper game Delta Green has topped $470,000 on Kickstarter alone.

    He is the four-time winner of the Origins Award for gaming, and the three-time winner of the ENnie Award for RPG excellence. His game [PROTOTYPE] won the Diamond Award for surpassing 10 million views on, and Necropolis won Destructoid’s game of the show for PAX 2015.

  • spangler
    Lead Animator, Camouflaj

    As the animation lead at Bellevue WA based independent game developer Camouflaj, Kaitlin Spangler has produced and shipped all five chapters of the acclaimed episodic title Republique for mobile, android, PC, Mac and PS4. She was involved in all aspects of production, including game motion design, hand keyed animation, full body and full facial motion capture performance, and cinematic development and implementation.

  • abernathy
    Director of Narrative, Jumo

    Tom Abernathy is the Director of Narrative at Jumo, creators of the upcoming Infinite Arms. His major game credits include The Division, League of Legends, Crimson Alliance, Halo: Reach, The Saboteur, and Destroy All Humans! 1 & 2. A veteran of Riot Games (as Lead Narrative Writer), Microsoft Studios, and the late, great Pandemic Studios, in 2009 Tom was named as one of “The Gamasutra 20: Top Game Writers.” His most recent film credit, Bad Country, was released last year by Sony Pictures.

  • odonnell
    Owner, Highwire Games

    Marty O’Donnell earned his Masters of Music Degree in Composition with honors from USC. He then founded the Chicago-based commercial music and sound production company, TotalAudio, which in 1997 produced sound design for Cyan’s Riven, the Sequel to Myst, and created all of the audio for Bungie’s award winning Myth series. His body of work also includes numerous original scores for television, radio, and film.

    In the spring of 2000, ten days after Marty accepted a position as Bungie’s Audio Director and Composer, Microsoft purchased the studio and moved them to Redmond so they could focus their efforts on developing Halo for the Xbox platform launch. The highly acclaimed Halo series went on to be extremely successful, with Halo 3 shattering entertainment records for both single day and first week sales, and with the total number of Halo games played now tallied in the billions.

    The audio and music for the Halo series has received numerous honors and awards, including the Game Developers Choice Award, the Edge Award, Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best Game Soundtrack, and Best Sound/Music from the AIAS, IGDA, GANG, TEC, and Spike TV. The critically acclaimed soundtracks are also best sellers.

    In July of 2007, Marty became one of the partners in the once again independent Bungie. His final project with them, Destiny, featured music in collaboration with Mike Salvatori, and Sir Paul McCartney. In addition to creating and overseeing sound design, music, and implementation, Marty also did the casting and directing of all the voice acting for Bungie’s games. The music and audio from Destiny have won several awards including Best Audio and Best Music from the AIAS. He was awarded GANG’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.

    Marty is founder and co-owner of Highwire Games in Seattle. Their first title, Golem, is an exclusive title for Playstation VR and will be released this year. He is also composing and producing Echoes of the First Dreamer, the musical prequel to Golem.

  • schmidt
    Founder and Executive Director, GameSoundCon

    Brian Schmidt is one of the early pioneers of the game audio industry. The 2008 recipient of the Game Audio Network Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Brian has been creating game music, sounds and cutting edge technology since 1987. With a credit list of over 130 games and a client list including Stern, Zynga, Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Sega, Namco and many others, Brian has used his experience in music composition, sound design and his technical background to further the state of the art in game audio.

    Brian is the Executive Director of GameSoundCon, the industry’s leading conference on video game music and video game sound design. He continues to write music for games and design audio technology as an independent composer and sound designer.

    Brian spent ten years at Microsoft where he led the direction of game audio technologies. While there, he joined the then-fledgling Xbox organization as architect for its audio systems, and created the original Xbox startup sound. Brian was also responsible for the audio system of the Xbox 360, and worked on Xbox One. Brian left Microsoft in 2008 to return to consulting and to create GameSoundCon and EarGames.
    Brian currently sits on the advisory board of the Game Developer Conference, is President of the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) is a former steering committee member of the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (ia-sig) of the MMA, and has been a featured speaker at conferences and universities around the world.

  • weinland
    Head of Audio, Bungie Studios

    After 5 years at Oberlin College and Conservatory (BM/MMT) and 5 years of teaching Jay stumbled into games. 21+ years in this freakin’ industry and it seems he’ll never learn. He equate finishing a game with women having a child (hear him out…) in the sense that if we actually remembered how painful it was we would never ever do it again. But here he is a couple dozen titles (and two children) later and still enjoying himself. Highlights at Bungie include such popular games as Halo and Destiny.

  • sweet
    Head of Developer Strategy, Oculus

    As head of Oculus Developer Strategy, Anna oversees developer relationships and the ecosystem that supports and inspires developers to create and deliver the world’s best virtual reality experiences. She brings more than 10 years of noted success in the gaming industry, specializing in strategic planning, product and business development and marketing.

    Prior to Oculus, Anna led Steam software and hardware programs globally and is credited with growing the platform user base exponentially. Before that, she was the Head of Project Management for Myspace, overseeing 40 project managers globally. Prior to Myspace, she worked as a Microsoft program manager and software development engineer, where she designed and integrated user research and testing tools for Microsoft Games Studio and was known for her ability to create highly effective development processes.

    A world traveler and adventure seeker, Anna and her husband hold animal welfare close, and in 2009 founded the Sweet Farm Foundation charity to provide care and placement to homeless animals.

  • gamsby
    Co-Founder and CTO, Cinema Suite Inc

    A passionate gamer the moment he found his Atari 2600 under the Christmas tree, Dan began his journey in 3D software and design over 20 years ago after studying architecture in Ontario, Canada. Not satisfied with simply designing, and with a deep desire to discover what makes things tick, he became an Autodesk Systems and Software specialist and has been working with 3D design software ever since.

    After discovering the growing need for real-time rendering previz in the film industry, and the need for this technology to be carried over into video games, he co-founded Cinema Suite in September of 2012. Cinema Suite provides game developers and filmmakers with a suite of software extensions for Unity that allow development teams small and large manage content in Unity fast and easy, without the need for scripting or programming.

    Dan has a never-ending passion for playing classic Commodore 64 games, point and click adventure games, RPGs, music, and sports.

  • fries
    Game Guy

    Ed Fries created his first video games for the Atari 800 in the early 1980s. He joined Microsoft in 1986, and spent the next ten years as one of the early developers of Excel and Word. He left the Office team to pursue his passion for interactive entertainment and created Microsoft Game Studios. Over the next eight years he grew the team from 50 people to over 1200, published more than 100 games including more than a dozen million+ sellers, co-founded the Xbox project, and made Microsoft one of the leaders in the video game business.

    In 2004, Ed retired from his Microsoft Vice President job to continue his work in the video game business as board member, advisor and consultant to a broad range of publishers, independent game developers, and media companies. In 2007 Ed launched his own startup, FigurePrints, an innovative company that uses color 3D printing technology to bring video game characters to life. In the summer of 2010 Ed released “Halo 2600”, a “demake” of the Halo video game series for the Atari 2600. In 2013 “Halo 2600” became one of the first two video games to be added to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

  • warnock
    Animation Lead, Hidden Path Entertainment

    Ted is the lead animator at Hidden Path Entertainment and has been animating in video games since the 16 bit era. He has shipped over 17 titles working on large teams at studios like Sega, WB Games and Disney Interactive, as well as smaller independent studios.

  • pobst
    Founder and CEO, Hidden Path Entertainment

    Jeff has been heavily involved in the gaming industry for almost twenty years holding such roles as game programmer, producer, and chief operating officer. Before co-founding HPE 11 years ago, Jeff was a group leader at Microsoft for the Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms.

    Jeff has shipped over 30 different game titles on multiple PC, console, and VR platforms including Hidden Path Entertainment titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Age of Empires II HD, the Defense Grid franchise, and more. Prior to HPE, Jeff had the privilege of bringing games in the Half-Life, Homeworld and Lord of the Rings franchises to market.

    Before Jeff entered game development, he earned a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering. At various times, he has been a film student, a researcher, a systems engineer and a project manager.

  • jordan
    CEO, Codename Entertainment

    Eric is a life long gamer who also happened to co-found PureEdge Solutions. PureEdge had 5 million users when it was acquired by IBM. He was an Executive-In-Residence at UVic and the President of the Premier’s Technology Council. Eric has served on boards including Archipelago Marine Research (Chair), VIATeC (Chair), and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness (co-chair).

  • heinrich
    Developer Evangelist, Amazon

    Peter Heinrich is a Developer Evangelist with Amazon focused on mobile development best practices, including game design, coding, marketing, and monetization. Before Amazon, Peter created desktop and console games for fifteen years before moving to online and mobile. He co-founded indie studios Smarterville and Zero Entertainment after working as an individual contributor for several large game developers.

  • adelman
    Business Development and Marketing for Axiom Verge, Chasm, and Mages of Mystralia

    Dan Adelman left Nintendo of America after 9 years to work more closely with indie developers to help them maximize their chances of success across all platforms. As manager of Nintendo of America’s digital distribution business and content strategy, he was responsible for bringing great indie games like World of Goo, Cave Story, and Shovel Knight to Nintendo platforms. Prior to Nintendo, he was part of the original Xbox launch team, negotiating business deals and planning Xbox Live strategy. He is currently working on Axiom Verge, Chasm, and Mages of Mystralia.

  • hegstrom
    Senior VR Audio Specialist, The Sound Lab at Technicolor

    Chris started his audio career doing live sound for Blue Man Group while studying Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music. He got into the games industry by way of web audio & shipped console titles like Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers, Star Wars Episode 3, Burnout Paradise & God of War 3. In 2010 he joined Microsoft to direct audio for Kinect & then moved onto HoloLens soon after. Chris spent 3 years working on all aspects of HoloLens audio design & direction from individual experiences to sonic continuity to general audio UX. Chris left Microsoft in 2015 to explore the VR, AR & UX fields & discover what audio means to them. He started his own interactive sound service, Symmetry Audio & has since worked for clients such as Unity, HBO, Technicolor & Google.

  • siebert
    Program Manager, Xbox

    Michael started at Xbox in 2008 as an associate producer. Since then, he has worked on and helped ship games, apps, consoles and services. For the last 2 years he’s been a member of the Xbox Multiplayer team, where he is leading the engineering effort on Xbox Tournaments.

    In the real world, Michael has a huge passion for competitive gaming. He has competed in, organized and run gaming tournaments, and can often be seen with eyes glued to Twitch.

  • hendricks
    Senior Technical and Gameplay Designer, Studio Wildcard

    Kayd currently acts as the Senior Technical and Gameplay Designer at Studio Wildcard, developers of the recently released ARK: Survival Evolved. With beginnings going back to remote QA for a number of projects, on a trip down to Mexico, he found he way into the good graces of a small company called Trendy Entertainment, working on another independent game: Dungeon Defenders.

    Five years ago, Kayd joined the Dungeon Defenders team while on vacation in Mexico; they brought him on as remote QA, and it was only six months later they asked him to move on site. After arriving in Gainesville, Florida he discovered an aptitude not just for finding and diagnosing problems, but predicting them, and ultimately solving them– with a strong focus on technical elements of game play and design.

    It didn’t take long before he became the go-to guy for not just QA, but for how to solve tricky design issues, or make sure that systems were staying appropriately in spec and in scope. It was only a year and a half into working with Trendy that he was hands-on in every pipeline in the studio, iterating with artists, animators, marketing, social, and everything else he could get involved in.

    After Trendy, near the end of 2014, Kayd was asked to come work on the ARK project, immediately being thrown back into the whirlwind that was fast-paced independent development. Once again being pushed into just about every aspect of development, his primary focuses remain in design, driving the overall vision of the game forwards.

  • hooper
    CEO and Founder, VREAL

    Todd is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded and operated multiple companiesin the enterprise and entertainment markets. He started developing video games in assembly code as a teenager, and went on to a career in enterprise networking, serving on the management team of WatchGuard Technologies and founding Napera Networks. Todd returned to games in 2010, joining Zipline Games as CEO. Prior to VREAL, Todd was VP Online Services at Unity, leading their initiative to revolutionize the way games developers create and connect with an audience. Teams under Todd’s leadership shipped new cloud services enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Unity developers.

    LinkedIn profile:

  • robar
    Consultant, AuthorDigital

  • kouneva
    Composer for Film, Video games and TV

    Game & film composer of “exquisite talent” (NPR) Penka Kouneva began her career in film/TV in 2000 and had a break scoring video games in 2009 (PRINCE OF PERSIA: FORGOTTEN SANDS and TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN games, with themes by Steve Jablonsky). Recently, Penka has scored a dozen award-winning indie games (Rollers of the Realm for PS4, Hades, IronKill) and indie features (Primrose Lane and Midnight Movie on AMC).

    Penka has released two award-winning concept albums: The Woman Astronaut (2015, on Varese Sarabande / Universal Music Group) and A Warrior’s Odyssey (2012, on Sumthing Else) both receiving 5-star press. Her music has been reviewed as “luminous, original, innovative, groundbreaking, fantastic.” Penka’s composition awards include: Game Audio Network Guild’s Recognition Award (2016), Sundance Composer Fellowship, two Ovation Awards, etc. In addition to composing, Penka is a top studio orchestrator on blockbusters such as Ninja Turtles 2, Elysium, Ender’s Game (films) and Sony’s Game of the Year Bloodborne. Other orchestration credits include the films Matrix, Transformers, Pirates 3, and the games Gears of War 2, 3, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Overwatch, Sims, Lord of The Rings, and others. Today Penka is recognized as an industry leader. As a role model, she has been included in two documentaries, textbooks, NPR shows and national press.

  • warner
    Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer

    Scott Warner brings a combination of business savvy, domain expertise, creative thinking and more than 15 years of experience in the technology sector to address his clients’ needs. He represents a diverse array of clients, including video game companies, content providers, social networking and new media companies, and software and hardware companies. Mr. Warner regularly provides guidance in all aspects of intellectual property rights and business transactions, such as copyright, trademark, trade secret, licensing and distribution, joint ventures, employment and non-competition, publishing, e-commerce, privacy and data security, web hosting, content development and clearance, and domain disputes. His clients include start-ups, non-profits and public companies.

    A frequent speaker and lecturer on intellectual property, high technology, technology transfer, and arts and entertainment law issues, Mr. Warner currently serves on the advisory board for LOGIN Conference. He is also involved with organizations that promote the growth of technology and the arts, including the Washington Technology Industry Association, International Technology Law Association, Copyright Society, Licensing Executive Society, International Trademark Association (INTA), Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN), CleanTech Alliance, 911 Media Arts and Washington Lawyers for the Arts.

    Mr. Warner has been recognized by his peers and clients as an AV Peer Review Rated lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell, as a “Super Lawyer” by Washington Law & Politics magazine and one of “Washington’s Most Amazing Lawyers” by Washington CEO Magazine.

  • taylor2
    General Manager, Wargaming

    A 28-year industry veteran, Chris has worked at Electronic Arts, Cavedog Entertainment, Gas Powered Games (GPG) and now Wargaming.NET. He served as the CEO and Creative Director at GPG for 15 years before selling the studio to Wargaming.NET, the makers of World of Tanks. Chris overseas the operations at Wargaming Seattle, one of the 15 or 16 offices that support the game, which is played in most major countries across the globe and services millions of online players monthly. Chris will discuss how World of Tanks developed a competitive scene that now boasts several divisions of professional play, including the WGLNA Gold League.

  • dingmon
    Social Media Manager and Game Evangelist, Big Fish Games

    Melissa is a lifelong gamer. She learned to spell playing King’s Quest, learned the importance of teamwork from Portal 2, and became a leader in World of Warcraft. She is the Senior Social Strategist for Big Fish Games; working at the intersection between game design, business development, marketing, and community management. Tweet with her: @melissadingmon!

  • smith
    Technical Director, Wargaming

    John has developed multiplayer game technology and platforms for over 20 years and is now working at (creator of World of Tanks) in Bellevue, WA on a games platform. He has worked at Internet Gaming Zone in 1990s, which delivered casual games, retail games and eCommerce infrastructure for MMOs, then worked on Sony Online Entertainment’s MMOs and along the way a couple of startups which developed their own platforms for server and mobile games.

  • wilson
    Founder and CEO, Archive Entertainment

    Robby Zinchak is the founder & CEO of Archive Entertainment, an indie development studio in Seattle, Washington.  He developed the popular indie game 8BitMMO, which has more than 850,000 registered users and a player built world larger than the combined landmass of the United Kingdom.  Archive Entertainment has won major awards including being a Seattle Independent Game Competition winner and at Tokyo Game Show’s Sense of Wonder Night won the award for Best Technological Game. Robby recently spoke at GDC 2016 in San Francisco about how studios can develop highly scalable distribution mechanisms based on MMO autopatching technology.

    Previously a Producer at Microsoft, he has also led game creation at Capcom and Midway, producing titles such as Final Fight: Double Impact, and FLOCK!.

  • murdock
    Community Manager, VREAL

    Allie Murdock has been a community manager in the game industry for 5 years. She became an avid esports fan after attending a MLG event and watching Day9 & djWHEAT shoutcast Starcraft II, and has since created esports strategies for multiple game titles. Allie is currently working at VREAL (@VREALofficial) on developing the community for the first VR game streaming and discovery platform. You can follow her on Twitter (@AllieMurdock) or watch her stream (, though she admits she’s terrible at keeping a regular stream schedule.

  • green
    Game Director, Carbon Games

    James Green is the Game Director and co-founder of Carbon Games, creators of the AirMech series of games. Carbon recently released AirMech Command as an Oculus Rift launch title to rave reviews. Carbon is hard at work adding motion control support to AMC along with a new unannounced VR project.

    In 1999 James made the leap from self-taught modder to “real” game developer when he joined Epic Games and worked on Unreal Tournament. Recruited by Ubisoft as a firefighter, he worked on high profile projects around the world including several years in China on multiple Splinter Cell games.

    Prior to Carbon he was a co-founder of Titan Studios where he created Fat Princess which would later be sold to Sony. Carbon was formed from a desire to create original games with smaller teams, with the belief that being nimble and self-directed is the best path in this ever changing industry.

    James is deeply passionate about VR and obsessive about creating the best experiences possible. Carbon uses its internally developed Heat Engine for a VR integration that cannot be done with a general purpose engine. This technology was the foundation of AirMech Command, and the next generation of Heat is being developed for future VR projects.

  • whitmore
    Studio Audio Director, PopCap Games

    In 1994, Guy was hired by Sierra On-line as a staff composer/sound designer. His first game-score, Mixed Up Mother Goose Deluxe (PC), was nominated for Best Soundtrack by the AIAS. Guy moved to Monolith Productions in 1997, where his reputation for creating highly innovative interactive music scores was established. On games such as Shogo, No One Lives Forever, and Tron 2.0, scores flow easily between game-states with seamless musical transitions.

    In 1999 Guy set out on his own as a free-lancer, expanding the range and styles of games scored. He then took a chance with startup Bootleg TV, founded by Robert Fripp of the band King Crimson. There he explored the possibilities of non-linear music as a standalone format.

    After another freelance stint, Guy joined Microsoft Game Studios where he became Director of Audio. There, he and his central audio team assisted in the audio production of many major franchises including Fable, Gears of War, Project Gotham Racing, Crackdown, and Halo. The primary mandate of this role was innovation, including technical advances, creative exploration and improved production practices.

    Getting back to hands-on creation of music and sound, Guy moved to PopCap Games, (now part of Electronic Arts), where he is their Studio Audio Director, overseeing new and classic franchises such as Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, and Peggle. His scores for Peggle 2 (Xbox One, PS4) and Peggle Blast! (iOS, Android) have won four G.A.N.G. Awards between them. Best Interactive Score (2013), Best Audio in a Casual/Indie Game (2013) , Best Handheld Audio (2014), and Best Music in a Casual Game (2014).

  • beasley
    Executive Producer, ProBattle League

    Matthew “DJ” Beasley is the eSports commentator for GrifballHub and the Executive Producer for The ProBattle League & Lightning Strike Entertainment Group. He is three weeks from finishing his degree for Integrated Media Broadcast Production from Mount Hood Community College, and currently developing three shows that will be airing on Twitch for the PBL. In addition to that he is host of two weekly competitive gaming show that air on Twitch for, is the Producer, Director, and caster for the monthly tournament series that PBL broadcasts live every month from inside the Microsoft Stores throughout the NorthWest. He’s had a en extensive career as a club DJ in venues around the world for over a decade, and is currently working on his first album in addition to his current weekly remix show at KMHD2.