We’re combing the Pacific Northwest for the next hot game. The Seattle Indie Game Competition has spotlighted some of the brightest and most innovative game developers in our region. Each year, we set out on a quest to find the next big thing…

Do you think you have what it takes to battle for the elusive SIGC crown and win $2500? Are you prepared to be judged by industry vets who have created some of the greatest titles? This is your chance to showcase the game you’ve spent countless hours fine-tuning. We’ll give you the stage, you bring your game.

The submission period for the 2017 SIGC is now open – so get to work tweaking your mechanics and upgrading your graphics! It’s free, so why not give it a shot?! You have until March 17, 2017.

This year, SIGC finalists will demo at the 2017 Power of Play! Power of Play [PoP] is an annual conference dedicated to celebrating the interactive media industry. In its 10th year, PoP has become a staple in the diets of game developers and technologists who are hungry to grow the success of their products. Judges to date include representatives from Microsoft, Nintendo, Valve, Amazon, Big Fish Games, Bungie and Harebrained Schemes.

How to Apply:> In five pages or less, send the following information to from November 11, 2016 through March 17, 2017.

              1. Company name, main point of contact, phone number and email.
              1. List the full names of those who own the game.
              1. Who is the team working on the project? What is their experience to date?
              1. What is the concept?
              1. Why do you think this concept will sell?
              1. How much money and time is needed to get this game to market? Or what kinds of partnerships are needed to bring you to the next level?
              1. Along with the above, please send a screen mock up or link to your demo.
By submitting to the Seattle Indie Game Competition, you are acknowledging that:  
              • A) You agree and consent to all Rules of the Competition
              • B) The submission actually belongs to you
              • C) The judges/reviewers may be developing similar products
              • D) That your submission, if selected for the final event, is going to be discussed and perhaps shown publicly when you are presenting to the judging panel.
              • E) You agree that Washington Interactive Network and its affiliates may use and distribute (both now and in the future) your image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions and audiotapes for marketing purposes.
Any questions, please contact or go to for FAQ’s.
2016 - Floor Kids
2015 - Tumblestone
2014 - Whispering Willows
2013 - 8Bit MMO
2012 - The Bridge


Social Media Manager and Game Evangelist, Big Fish Games

Technical Director, Wargaming

  • heinrich
    Developer Evangelist, Amazon

    Peter Heinrich entered the game industry in 1991, developing flight simulators on the Amiga. 3D games for PC and consoles followed, then some of the earliest graphical MMOs and social games commercially available on the Internet. Peter went indie to develop casual games with three cofounders, bootstrapping their first game studio, then launching a second with VC backing. Following the acquisition of that company, Peter moved on to develop games for the nascent mobile market. Now a Developer Evangelist for Amazon, Peter helps other game makers integrate mobile game services, optimize their code, and get their products noticed. He speaks regularly on topics relevant to mobile app and game developers, such as optimization, engagement, and monetization.

  • dingmon
    Social Media Manager and Game Evangelist, Big Fish Games

    Melissa is a lifelong gamer. She learned to spell playing King’s Quest, learned the importance of teamwork from Portal 2, and became a leader in World of Warcraft. She is the Senior Social Strategist for Big Fish Games; working at the intersection between game design, business development, marketing, and community management. Tweet with her: @melissadingmon!

  • smith
    Technical Director, Wargaming

    John Smith is a Technical Director at Wargaming Seattle. Currently working on creating mobile and server platforms to support games. Starting in 1996 John has been working exclusively on multiplayer games or game platforms for Microsoft, Sony Online Entertainment and, Z2Live, Activision. John also started two online game companies FireAnt Games and Detonator Games which were acquired for their team’s expertise.