Human Vision and VR **SLIDE PRESENTATION**

What is known about human stereopsis and how does it impact VR design? Ron Herschel reviewed what appears to be the nonmaterial aspects of human vision such as perception, imagination, memory, and comprehension. Gain insights on the minimum space-time requirements for VR such as viewer motion (eye tracking), resolution, and parallax. His presentation covers gaming VR display and other commercial applications including remote control robotic surgery.

Ron Hershel, President, Hershel Consulting

The VR Immersion War Has Begun: Who Will Win? **SLIDE PRESENTATION**

Virtual Reality technology is being produced at a record pace, and the war to reach full body immersion has now begun. HTC, Valve, and Oculus are just a few platforms involved in this race. Catch up on all the latest and greatest in Haptics, House Scale VR, Wearables, 3rd Party Controllers, Wireless Headsets and much more.

James Brunk, Creative Director AR/VR, Vectorform

How to Prepare for Making a Game in Virtual Reality **SLIDE PRESENTATION**

Are you or your company diving into VR? This talk will cover some handy ‘best practices’ to keep in mind when designing for virtual reality across mobile and PC (as well as advice on which to choose.) In the process, we’ll share insights and case studies from titles produced by Oculus’ internal game development team.

Katie Chironis, Game Designer, Oculus Rex

Social VR – The Story of Rec Room **SLIDE PRESENTATION**

Against Gravity CCO Cameron Brown shared experiments, surprises, mistakes and insights from the first year of Rec Room, the virtual reality social club where you play with friends from all around the world. Social presence in VR is very real, and it creates opportunities for powerful new interactions - both positive and negative. Whether its creating positive social affordances or creating systems to manage trolling and harassment, Rec Room is a real world laboratory for exploring and defining this new reality.

Cam Brown, Chief Creative Officer, Against Gravity

Sound and Immersive Content **SLIDE PRESENTATION**

How will audio support the next wave in immersion? From 3D audio in VR to digital assistants to sound for IoT, the sonic landscape is evolving with computation. Lean how audio can help both active and passive interaction in present and future waves of immersion.

Chris Hegstrom, Senior VR Audio Specialist, The Sound Lab at Technicolor

State of the Market for VR: Expert Insights **VIDEO**

Come here our experts from HTC/VIVE, Hasbro, Hidden Path Entertainment, Intel, and RecRoom discuss the near-term state of the market. What will be the single most under-tapped utility in VR? What is being done to address this? Where has VR delivered above or below expectations? How should projects inflight adjust to the current market condition? All this and more. A session not to be missed!

Jason Chein, Founder, Bit Toys

Cam Brown, Chief Creative Officer, Against Gravity
Joel Breton, VP of VR Content and Head of Vive Studios, HTC Vive
Jon Collins, Kaio Interactive
Jeff Pobst, CEO, Hidden Path Entertainment
Mark Subotnick, Business Development, Client Computing Group VR Center of Excellence, Intel

Social & Streaming Media Will Drive Engagement, Discovery, and Acquisition in VR **SLIDE PRESENTATION**

Streaming and social engagement have transformed the way people consume entertainment media. This presentation explores the possibilities of how streaming can encourage interaction with fans within virtual worlds can and will ultimately drive engagement and acquisition in VR.

Tadhg Kelly, Director of Developer Relations, Vreal

  • Hershel
    President, Hershel Consulting

    Ron graduated from the Air Force Academy and went on to receive his masters in physics from the University of New Mexico, and PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona and was on the faculties of USC and the University of Arizona. In 1978, he became a consultant to the semiconductor industry and joined HP’s technical staff in 1979. As a consultant, Ron was also involved in the development of the Ultratech Stepper and new pellicles for photomasks which led to numerous patents and papers. In 1988, he received the SEMI award for his contributions to wafer fabrication. Ron is currently working on new technologies to manufacture large flexible displays, on developing new VR devices, and on continuing to investigate the requirements of human stereopsis.

  • brunk
    Experience Director – Augmented and Virtual Reality, Vectorform

    James is an award-winning Creative Director with more than 15 years of strategic interactive experience.  He uses his creative vision, storytelling, and User Experience to help lead and grow the Vectorform Augmented and Virtual reality teams in creating revolutionary work for clients. He managed creative efforts for household names such as HTC, Valve, Coca-Cola, Audi, Nike, Chevrolet, Disney, and HBO. His teams are well known for dreaming and developing immersive solutions that shape an overall digital brand experience.

  • chironis
    Game Designer, Oculus Rex

    Katie is a game designer on Oculus Rex, Oculus’s internal game development team. She worked as a designer on Farlands for the Rift, and Prologue for the GearVR. She has extensive experience designing and prototyping for high-comfort VR experiences. Previously, she has worked as a game and narrative designer for companies such as Microsoft, Her Interactive, and Signal Studios.

  • brown
    Co-Founder/CCO, Against Gravity

    Cameron Brown is co-founder and CCO of Against Gravity, makers of the popular social VR app Rec Room. Cam has worked in video games for over twenty years, and was also a creative director on the Microsoft HoloLens program. He believes the future of computing is social, physical, and very exciting!

  • hegstrom
    Senior VR Audio Specialist, The Sound Lab at Technicolor

    Chris started his audio career doing live sound for Blue Man Group while studying Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music. He got into the games industry by way of web audio & shipped console titles like Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers, Star Wars Episode 3, Burnout Paradise & God of War 3. In 2010 he joined Microsoft to direct audio for Kinect & then moved onto HoloLens soon after. Chris spent 3 years working on all aspects of HoloLens audio design & direction from individual experiences to sonic continuity to general audio UX. Chris left Microsoft in 2015 to explore the VR, AR & UX fields & discover what audio means to them. He started his own interactive sound service, Symmetry Audio & has since worked for clients such as Unity, HBO, Technicolor & Google.

  • chein
    CEO, Bit Toys

    An old kid who refuses to grow up, Jason founded Bit Toys in 2014 and has been reinventing toyplay through NFC, AR/VR, mobile, and cloud for market leaders like Mattel, Take-Two, Alpha Group, and more.

    Prior to Bit Toys, he served in various executive roles, built teams & products, and led strategic gaming initiatives such as Amazon’s game services, EA’s setup and growth in China, and Xbox 360’s early exploration in Asia.

    Jason started in the games industry 25 years ago by responding to a recruiting ad inside his copy of Comanche: Over the Edge. From there, he went on to shipped 20+ games, contributed to 30+ games, consulted for Zynga, Gamania, & numerous start-ups, and spoke at SLUSH, Casual Connect, Tokyo Game Show, Korea Game Conference, GDC China & ChinaJoy.

  • brown
    Co-Founder/CCO, Against Gravity

    Cameron Brown is co-founder and CCO of Against Gravity, makers of the popular social VR app Rec Room. Cam has worked in video games for over twenty years, and was also a creative director on the Microsoft HoloLens program. He believes the future of computing is social, physical, and very exciting!

  • breton
    Vice President of VR Content, HTC Vive

    Joel is Vice President of VR Content and Head of Vive Studios at HTC Vive. He and his team are working with worldwide content creators to develop a rich portfolio across all categories of VR, including games, education, cinematic, live-events, v-sports, music, shopping, and entertainment. Joel has produced more than twenty platinum-selling videogames in his career, and he has launched games on thirty commercial platforms from the Sega Genesis to HTC Vive. After beginning his career at Sega of America, his first role as a game producer was for GT interactive, where he produced Doom, Duke Nukem, Unreal, and the first version of the Unreal game engine. He then moved to Bethesda Softworks, where he launched a string of successful AAA games including Sea Dogs, Burnout, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Joel also spent 4 years at MTV Networks, where he served as Director of Content and worked with developers around the world to launch blockbuster online, mobile, and console games.

  • Collins
    Kaio Interactive

    Having developed mobile apps, games, and educational titles in the UK, Jon relocated to Seattle in 2010 and launched Kaio Interactive to better connect with established partners in the Pacific North West. Since doing so, in addition to continuing to develop mobile games, Jon and the team at Kaio have been able to help other Indie studios in the PNW and have also become a member of the Intel Innovator Program. After launching a number of AR games, his team are now developing their own VR games. Kaio Interactive’s “Leave the Nest” launched in May ’16 on the Vive and more recently on the PSVR in March ‘17. With more VR projects underway Jon is a firm believer that VR is here to stay and grow as the technology becomes more & more accessible to consumers.

  • paolantonio
    Director of Design & Development, Augmented Play, Hasbro

    Sergio Paolantonio, Director of Design & Development for Hasbro, has ample experience in human centered design and design driven innovation. He is currently building a world-class Seattle studio that uses Augmented Reality to fuse the physical and the digital together.

    The objective is to create mind-blowing ways to deliver fun and engage kids of all ages in immersive brand-focused experiences.

    Before joining Hasbro, Sergio worked at Microsoft for over 6 years, leading, building and managing design studios in Seattle, and Beijing. He and his teams designed and shipped disrupting products such as HoloLens, Cortana, Kinect for windows and the Xbox One. Prior to that, Sergio worked at Microsoft Research in Beijing, Panasonic and Hitachi R&D in Tokyo where he focused on next generation Human Computer Interactions.

    Sergio holds over 20 invention patents — and has 15 more pending — in Human Computer Interaction and Consumer products. 
Sergio earned a master’s degree in interaction designer from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy and a bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in Industrial Design from ISIA in Rome, Italy.

  • pobst
    Founder and CEO, Hidden Path Entertainment

    Jeff has been heavily involved in the gaming industry for almost twenty years holding such roles as game programmer, producer, and chief operating officer. Before co-founding HPE 11 years ago, Jeff was a group leader at Microsoft for the Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms.

    Jeff has shipped over 30 different game titles on multiple PC, console, and VR platforms including Hidden Path Entertainment titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Age of Empires II HD, the Defense Grid franchise, and more. Prior to HPE, Jeff had the privilege of bringing games in the Half-Life, Homeworld and Lord of the Rings franchises to market.

    Before Jeff entered game development, he earned a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering. At various times, he has been a film student, a researcher, a systems engineer and a project manager.

  • subotnick
    Business Development, Client Computing Group VR Center of Excellence, Intel

    Mark Subotnick, known as Bot to many, has been in the video games industry since late 1993. Mark has worked in the entertainment industry for most of his life, starting as an event / club promoter and then moving into the video games industry. He started his video game career at SEGA of America, as a tester and working in various roles and on his way to producing, and managing internal development before moving on in late 2000. Some of the roles and jobs Mark held during his time at SEGA of America are lead tester, QA supervisor, Marketing, PR spokesperson, and Producer at SEGA, running internal development for the DreamCast Launch.

    Mark joined the Executive team of a small startup in Silicon Valley from 2000 to 2002 working on 3D web enabling technologies. Mark then joined Microsoft in 2002 and began to work on Xbox, Xbox Live, Games for Windows, and eventually Xbox 360 as a Developer Relations Manager. Mark worked with all developers of games for Microsoft platforms in the following territories, Northern California, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Seattle. Mark left Microsoft in 2007 to join Intel Corporation as the Executive Producer of Project Offset and the Game Engine Team. Mark then worked in the Software and Services Group at Intel Corporation focusing on Content Strategy, Business Development, Account Management and Portfolio Management for 8 years. Mark now works in Business Development for the Client Computing Group VR Center of Excellence.

    Mark is credited in over 31 games from 1993 to the Present and to date has worked on 10 platforms and 8 platform launches.

  • kelly
    Director of Developer Relations, VREAL

    Tadhg Kelly is a game designer, writer and speaker based in Seattle. Originally from Dublin via London, Tadhg’s 17 year industry career has encompassed many roles, from startup founder, consultant, creative director and now director of developer relations at VREAL. Tadhg has been frequently published at Gamasutra, TechCrunch and Edge, and is also the author of the game design blog What Games Are. He is currently working on a book, Core Game Design.