Community Fireside with Bungie Studios **VIDEO**

Listen in as Bungie Studios' talks about the importance of community with the community manager for Darkest Dungeon. Learn what all indies want to know: how to engage, incentivize and manage your community.

John Lindvay, Community Manager, Red Hook Games
David Dague, Director of Communications, Bungie
Ondraus Jenkins, Chief Business Officer, Bungie Studios

The Importance of Working with Influencers to Grow Your Game’s Audience **VIDEO**

With the rise of Twitch, YouTube, Beam, and Facebook Live, it is more important than ever to reach out to your community's influencers. The challenge now becomes figuring out how to take advantage of these platforms to launch or grow your game. Adam Lieb, who has spent 20 years building communities in the games industry, discusses how to find the perfect influencers for your game, and ensure your influencer efforts always drive sales. He also shares a framework for how to structure a campaign and how to avoid the wrath of the FTC.

Takeaway: You'll learn what you need to accomplish to build an army of influencers to help improve your game sales, all while not getting in trouble with the FTC

Adam Lieb, Founder, Innervate

Applying Commercial Broadcast Standards in Streaming Media & eSports **VIDEO**

This panel provides insight on how to apply commercial broadcast standards into video streaming to create an interactive community experience, while creating a higher quality production in order to properly monetize and promote your content.

Ken Wunpheng, AKA TheSpartacat, Ultimate Halo - YouTube Channel
Kieran Phillips, AKA Lenox, Esports Producer, XBOX Programming, Microsoft

Running a Post-Apocalyptic Studio – SomaSim **VIDEO**

The indiepocalypse has happened, and the indie market changed drastically over the last two years. This session discusses what the industry needs to do to survive in this new, post-apocalyptic world: how the landscape has changed for product design, self-publishing, and team structure, and presents tips on how to navigate the new reality.

The talk presents three concrete takeaways: how to adjust product design in a market inundated with a constant flow of new games, how to deal with game discoverability and publishing, and how teams can be structured to best cope with a volatile future.

Matthew Viglione, Co-Founder, SomaSim
Robert Zubek, Co-Founder, SomaSim

Marketing Mages of Mystralia **VIDEO**

A post-mortem of building a new IP with an unknown mechanic from an unknown studio

Dan Adelman, PR, Mages of Mystralia

Players Who Are Payers **VIDEO**

Gamers have embraced the free-to-play mechanic. The Lion's share of all developer revenue comes from in-game micro transactions, with money being spent inside games that are free to download. What percentage of people pay? How often do they pay? Are they serially monogamous, spending in one game at a time, or do they spread their spending over many games? Everyone talks about "Whales" and "Minnows", but what is the real breakdown? Where does the money come from? Nick has boiled the ocean and counted every penny spent on every web-based game on Facebook, around the world, for the last six years. In this presentation he will reveal what's behind the curtain and present this data (appropriately anonymously aggregated). Which games and genres monetize well? Which games leave "green on the screen", and what does the profile curve of spenders look like for a successful game?

Nick Berry, Data Analyst, Facebook

  • lindvay
    Community Manager, Red Hook Studios

    John Lindvay is the community manager at Red Hook Studios working on Darkest Dungeon. He also helps organize Train Jam with Adriel Wallick and runs the Student Ambassador Program for the event. Train Jam is an annual game jam which charters a group 200+ developers on an Amtrak Train from Chicago to San Francisco on the days leading up to GDC. In 2010, John started the podcast where he has interviewed over 200 developers in the industry and shared those conversations with listeners around the world.

  • dague
    Communications Director, Bungie

    David Dague became a Bungie fan in the year 2001. Throughout his campaign as a player, he invested deeply in the community experience that Bungie games are designed to inspire. As the founder of, he wrote a blog devoted to exploring the politics of online multiplayer and promoting the virtues of a strong friends list to support a healthy pastime. Over time, this resulted in the creation of a network of Clans devoted to defending the notions of sportsmanship and goodwill. To this day, the TTL Gunslingers can be found patrolling any shooter that brings players together. In 2011, he moved to Washington to join Bungie and lead the community that had captured his imagination. Since then, he has fostered a new community of Destiny players. As the Communications Director, his new role is to ensure that Bungie’s message to the world is focused on games where friendships are made. He also leads the official player support team that keeps the Guardians informed and connected. The Internet refers to him as “DeeJ” and so should you.

  • jenkins
    Chief Business Officer, Bungie

    Ondraus (sometimes referred to around the studio by his nome de guerre “OJ”) is the Chief Business Officer of Bungie. OJ has always been fascinated by the intersection of technology, event-driven pop culture, and business. After a tour of duty with a large Wall Street law firm in New York and Los Angeles, he moved to a talent-side boutique law firm in Beverly Hills. His migration to interactive business came soon after, thanks to an invitation from Electronic Arts. After only a scant few years of providing sound business development counsel on the provision of entertainment software, a fateful conversation with Bungie in 2008 set him on the path to return to the Pacific Northwest. Ondraus has been a Bungie fan since first playing Marathon on his Macintosh in 1994, but he’s all about Destiny these days. He is a graduate of Stanford University, The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, and the Columbia University School of Law.

  • lieb

    Adam is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded and operated multiple companies in and around the games industry over the last 20 years. He has built both consumer and enterprise products that have scaled to millions of gamers and millions of dollars in revenue. Adam’s entire career has centered around building and growing massive communities of gamers. At Innervate he has raised millions of dollars in VC to grow and scale a suite of services catering to game developers and publishers.

    LinkedIn profile:

  • wunpheng
    Ultimate Halo – YouTube Channel

  • beasley
    Executive Producer,

    DJBlue PDX is the Executive Producer & Director Of Broadcasting with, and teaches Broadcast Streaming with the Integrated Media & Broadcast Production program at Mt Hood Community College. His past achievements include the Grifball World Championships at RTX in Austin, TX, Content Development & management for 3 Twitch Channels, managing 2 North American & 2 International Production teams, plus over a decade as club DJ. He’s also responsible for establishing the initial Broadcast Program for Lightning Strike Gaming & Pro Battle League.

  • phillips
    AKA Lenox, Esports Producer, XBOX Programming, Microsoft

  • viglione
    Co-Founder, SomaSim

    Matthew is a co-founder of SomaSim, a Chicago-based indie studio founded in 2013 to create simulation games. He has extensive experience in creative direction, writing and graphic design. Before starting SomaSim, Matthew was the director of communications for Catholic Charities in San Francisco.

  • zubek
    Game Developer & Co-Founder, SomaSim

    Robert Zubek is a game developer and co-founder at SomaSim, a Chicago-based indie studio founded in 2013 to create simulation games. Previously, he built large-scale online social games at Zynga, MMO game and analytics infrastructure at Three Rings Design, and programmed game AI at Electronic Arts/Maxis. Before joining the industry, he did research work in artificial intelligence and robotics. Robert holds a PhD in computer science from Northwestern University, where he also received his previous CS degrees.

  • adelman
    Business Development and Marketing for Axiom Verge, Chasm, and Mages of Mystralia

    Dan Adelman left Nintendo of America after 9 years to work more closely with indie developers to help them maximize their chances of success across all platforms. As manager of Nintendo of America’s digital distribution business and content strategy, he was responsible for bringing great indie games like World of Goo, Cave Story, and Shovel Knight to Nintendo platforms. Prior to Nintendo, he was part of the original Xbox launch team, negotiating business deals and planning Xbox Live strategy. He is currently working on Axiom Verge, Chasm, and Mages of Mystralia.

  • berry
    Data Scientist, Facebook

    Nick, a native of the UK, has lived in Seattle for the last 20 years. He was educated as a rocket scientist and aircraft designer, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

    Upon graduation, he joined a group of friends to form a software company, specializing in electronic mapping and route planning. This company was grown organically, and earned an unprecedented number of awards and accolades, including the British Design Award and The Queen’s Award for Technology, presented by Her Majesty in 1991. In 1994 Nick was recognized by the Sunday Times Magazine as “One of the top 50 entrepreneurs of the decade”. In 1994, after the company had grown to 50 people worldwide, it was sold to Microsoft.

    Nick moved to America with the sale and spent 14 years working for Microsoft, the last ten of which were in the Microsoft Casual Game team. During his tenure, he filed a variety of patents for Microsoft, and represented Microsoft at various conferences and speaking engagements.

    After leaving Microsoft, he joined Real Networks to work as the GM of customer analytics for their games division, then spent a couple of years consulting. In 2012, Nick joined Facebook, as a Data Scientist, and now proudly works out of their office in Seattle.

    In addition to his engineering expertise, Nick is passionate about data privacy and holds a CIPP qualification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He is an active member of the privacy community and speaks at various events about the legal and ethical aspects of data collection, use, storage, and destruction.

    In his spare time, Nick is an active blogger about data science, gaming, and general geekery (“One of the top 25 Data Science blogs on the internet”) with his postings being regularly republished in places like HackerNews, Popular Science, NPR, BBC and Yahoo News. Nick speaks regularly at gaming conferences such as PAX, GDC and Casual Connect (where he also acts as a judge for the indie games competitions).

    In July 2013, Nick gave a TEDx talk about Passwords and the Internet and in 2015 was voted the GeekWire, “Geek-of-the-week”